ItaliaNLP Lab

The ItaliaNLP Lab at the Istituto di Linguistica Computazionale “Antonio Zampolli” (ILC-CNR) gathers researchers, postdocs and students from computational linguistics, computer science and linguistics who work on developing resources and algorithms for processing and understanding human languages, with particular attention to the Italian language.
The main line of research is devoted to the design, development and testing of models, methods and technologies for Natural Language Processing, covering areas going from probabilistic tagging and parsing, domain–specific information extraction and domain adaptation to application oriented tasks such as readability assessment or native language identification. A distinguishing feature of our approach is the effective combination of linguistically-aware data modeling with innovative machine learning approaches to NLP.
The laboratory builds on the expertise gained over the last decade within ILC-CNR in collaboration with the Laboratory of Computational Linguistics of the Department of Philology, Literature and Linguistics and the Department of Computer Science at the University of Pisa as well as in numerous international and national projects, through partnerships with private companies and the participation to national and international initiatives focusing on different NLP challenges.
The ItaliaNLP Lab provides advanced technology solutions in line with the state of the art in the field of computational linguistics to be used for Text Mining, Knowledge Extraction and Management within key applications in areas such as eGovernment, eLearning and eHealth.