Demo & API

LinguA: Linguistic Annotation pipeline. LinguA is a state-of-the-art linguistic annotation pipeline which combines rule-based and machine learning algorithms.

READ–IT: Assessing Readability of Italian Texts. READ-IT is the first advanced readability assessment tool for what concerns Italian.

T2K: Text-To-Knowledge. T2K allows you to automatically extract linguistic and domain-specific information from texts. It provides a structured organisation of extracted knowledge and indexes your texts with respect to the extracted information.

Memorie di Guerra. Memorie di Guerra is a website where you can visualize and navigate the corpus of Italian bulletins of the First and Second World War. The bulletins were digitalized and analyzed with linguistic annotation and information extraction tools.

Profiling-UD. Profiling-UD is a web-based application devised to carry out linguistic profiling of a text, or a large collection of texts, for multiple languages. It allows the extraction of more than 130 linguistic features defined according to the Universal Dependencies framework.